Friday, October 7, 2011

Apple this Week

iPhone 4s vs. Expected iPhone 5
Jenny Mayrock BC'15

This week has been a crazy week for Apple. The company released the highly anticipated iPhone 4s on October 4, and two days later Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away. After the new iPhone was released their stock dropped 5 percent. Why? After Apple consumers waited for months for the hyped up ‘iPhone 5’ to be released, the public was disappointed by the iPhone 4s. Although it has new features, the shape is exactly the same as the iPhone 4. There is no doubt that Apple stores will be packed as consumers get their latest tech purchase, but a lot of people are disappointed that no new design was created. Below you can see the difference between the predicted iPhone 5 and the actual iPhone 4s. Will you buy the new iPhone 4s? Leave a comment!

Expected iPhone 5:

APPEARANCE: Technology blogs predicted that the design of the phone would be completely different in comparison to the other phones. They thought that the phone would be a much larger device with a 4 inch screen.

SERVICE: Predictions were that Sprint would be getting the iPhone 5  as an exclusive. This turned out to be false.

New iPhone 4s:

SHAPE: The same as the iPhone 4. Available in white and black colors.


Siri: This application lets you use your voice to control your phone. It figures out the right apps to use to make calls, send messages, schedules meetings, reminders, ect. All from the sound of your voice.

Dual core a5 chip: Twice the power, seven times faster graphics than the iPhone 4, and improved battery life

8 Megapixel Camera: Higher resolution and video recording, and you can video edit directly on the phone

iOS 5: 200 new features such as notification center where its one place to see whats new on your phone. Similar to Blackberry BBM, I message allows you to send free messages to any iPhone or iPad with iOS 5

iCloud: Wirelessly stores music, pictures, and documents in your device

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